The Benefits Of Life Coaching
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Life Coaching offers Hope,  Inspiration, Motivation, Relief, Resolve, Solutions, Support & Confidentiality to men and women in search of a more fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful life.

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 A Life Coach Is A:
Cheerleader, Lifeline, Bridge, Energizer, Motivator, Activator & Resuscitator. For some, a Life Coach is akin to a (Midwife, Battery or Booster Cable).
We Will Help You To: 
1) Identify, focus & refocus on your priorities.
2) Discover & uncover hidden attributes & talents.
3) Motivate & inspire you to pursue your goals & dreams.
4) Escort you out of your comfort zone to be the BEST YOU, you can be.

God gave us the GIFT & PRIVILEGE of LIFE on earth FOR A REASON. We’re residents on the earth to learn, live, laugh, love & make a difference in the lives of others. When LIFE HAPPENS to us and we experience (CATEGORY 5) tragedies, relationship TSUNAMIS, unanticipated situations that HIJACK our PEACE, JOY, SANITY or HAPPINESS,  that’s MY QUEUE, not to be anyone’s SUPERWOMAN but to help RELIEVE, REVIVE, RESOLVE & RESUSCITATE by throwing out a lifeline/life jacket (via coaching, inspiration, motivation & empowerment) to the BEST of my God-given ability.

DISCLAIMER:  The Life Coach is a licensed and ordained Member of the Clergy with an Associates in Biblical Studies, Bachelors in Theology & Masters of Divinity, but is not a Psychiatrist or Medical Professional. The content of the coaching sessions are conveyed based upon research, education and personal life experiences. Each individual must make the decision that is suitable for them personally. The attendee(s) cannot hold the Life Coach responsible for their own personal decisions or the results thereof. The information and coaching conveyed through the private sessions and the seminars is sound, logical & rational.

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